Students First

We must clearly focus on building the skills of all our students, whether AP, language learner, or Special Education, for lifelong learning and success in our community. I support school leadership that emphasizes long term quality over short term results.

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Strong schools are the foundation of a strong community. Our children must be provided the environment and opportunity to achieve and excel.

Putting Students First

Open Dialogue with the Community and the County

We can make our schools work best for everyone involved by engaging in open dialog with all parties. By operating on a principle of transparency, we open ourselves to the possibility of lasting transformative change.

Parental Engagement

Parents and guardians need to be equipped with the right tools to help students succeed in the classroom.

High-End Student Achievement

With a Save Our Schools initiative, we present students a variety of options to pursue higher education and technical skills achievement.

Problem Solving through Partnerships

We have to partner with government and community organizations to leverage effective solutions to the diverse needs of our student and family population.

Safe and Smart School Communities

In order for students to learn effectively, we have to foster a safe learning environment by implementing programs like the Safe and Sound Youth Council and The Not in Our School program.

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Endorsed by the Community

“Dr. Martin Rogers consistent dedication to the students and families of district 6 is well known and appreciated by parents like myself.”

Jay Naia Williams-Griggs – District 6 Parent


“Beyond a doubt LaTonya is the most qualified person to run for school board. As a community advocate but most importantly as a teacher, she exemplifies honesty, fairness, and thoughtfulness.
We need LaTonya. LaTonya needs you. Vote for her on May 24, 2022!”

Dr. Darcova Tripplett  – Teacher, Author, & Artist

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